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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

April reads

Sarah's Quilt by Nancy Turner (sequel to These is my Words)4*

Bliss by O.Z. Livaneli (audio) 3.5* interesting look at a different culuture from 3 different views

New Mercies by Sandra Dallas 3*

Undressing the Moon by Tammy Greenwood 3.5*

The Elegant Gathering of White Snow by Kris Radish 2* fluff

The Surrogate by Judith Henry Wall 2*....too soap opera-y

The Box Children by Sharon Wyse 4* very good story about a young girl who lives on a farm whose mother is crazy and the effect on the family

Five Women by Rona Jaffe 3.5* story of five friends and their different lives

How To Be Lost by Amanda Eyre Ward 4.5* a story about how a little girl's disappearance affects the family for the rest of their lives

The Odyssey by Homer (audio) 3*

The Night Listener by Armisten Maupin 4* couldn't put it down until the end.

The Interruption of Everything by Terry McMillan 3.5* basically a story of a ,idlife crisis

Sunstroke by Jesse Kellerman 2.5*, not as a good a writer as his dad!

Wickett's Remedy by Myla Goldberg ugh couldn't finish, stuck halfway through.Ay first the footnotes irritated me but by the time I put the book down they are what I liked best!

Family and Other Accidents by Shari Goldhagen 3* pretty good story about 2 brothers who lost their parents.

Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner 3.5* funny chick lit

The Sin Killer by Larry Mc Murty (audio) haven't finished yet, but so far it's a 3

The Abortionist's Daughter by Elisabeth Hyde 3.5*

Still Waters by Jennifer Lauck this is the follow up to Blackbird. Not quite as good as Blackbird, but still a good read, kind of depressing though 3.5*

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