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Thursday, August 2, 2007

July Reads

Black Girl White Girl by Joyce Carol Oates 2.5* a story of a white girl
with a black roommate at college in the 70's who is the victim of
racially motivated attacks, didn't like the writing, was too murky

The Crimson Portrait by Jody Shields 2.5* set during WWI at a military hospital in England that specializes in facial injury. I felt no connection with any of the characters.

But Inside I'm Screaming by Elizabeth Flock 3* a book about one woman's mental break down and all the people she meets in the hospital

Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen 4* fast read about a woman who has to face demons from her past. lots about horses, so good if you are an animal lover!

Dream When You're Feeling Blue by Elizabeth Berg 4*, great story set during WWII that revolves around 3 sisters. Didn't like the ending though, thought it was too rushed and completely unbelievable.

Shocking Pink by Erica Spindler 2*, ugh, too many cliches, no suspense or originality!

Fireworks by Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop 3* the story of a man's life after his 4 year old son dies

Trans-sister Radio by Chris Bohjalin (re-read) 5* My favorite Bohjalin book. The story revolves around a woman who falls in love, only to find out the man is preparing to have a sex change operation. It follows her and her family and him/her through the operation and the aftermath.

Midnight Champage by A. Manette Ansay 3* story about a couple's wedding during the middle of snowstorm in a hall that is known to be unlucky

Woman in Red by Eileen Goudge 3.5* needed an editor badly!, can't believe how many words were left out, otherwise good story about a woman who runs over the drunk driver who killed her son. the story picks up after she gets out of jail and returns to the same town. Also has a parallel story about her grandmother during the 40's during WWII in the same town. Parts were unbelievable (romance-novelish) though.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (reread) 5*

Molaka'i by Alan Brennert 4* story of a little girl who grows up in a leper colony

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 5*, LOVED it!! won't go into any detail as to not spoil it for others

Red River by Lalita Tademy....Not sure I will finish this one. Kind of disappointed as I LOVED Cane River. this one just doesn't capture my interest. I am halfway through and really have no interest in going on....

Christine Falls by Benjamin Black 3* a bland mystery/thriller....

Divisadero by Micheal Onjaatje (audio) 3* starts out as a story about 2 sisters and their "adopted" brother, then turns into a story about 2 men and a woman in France. Odd storytelling, but both stories are interesting.

Julia's Chocolates by Cathy Lamb 4* quirky and funny, made me laugh and cry, great chick lit

The True Story of Hansel and Gretel by Lousie Murphy 4* story is set during WWII, revolves around 2 children and their father who are seperated

Into the Forest by Jean Hegland 3* a story about what happens when the power goes out, no phones or gas, interesting idea, I just found the ending unbelievable....

We Are All Welcome Here by Elizabeth Berg 4* a story about a woman who gets polio and ends up paralyzed from the neck down, how she raises her daughter, set during the 60's, easy read but fascinating as it was based on a true story

The Terror by Dan Simmons 3* story of an expedition to get through to the Northwest passage with a slight supernatural angle, great historical fiction, just dragged on a little long


Alison Clement said...

Wow, Roxie, you are a fast reader. Have you read Joyce Carol Oates' new book, The Gravedigger's Daughter? A great story. Grim, but worth it.

Roxie said...

Well, I tend to read all the time. My husband says reading is my addiction (better than drugs or alcohol, right? lol). I have not read The Gravedigger's Daughter. I'll have to add it to my TBR list. However, I have read your book Twenty Quetions and really liked it! I've added your other book to my TBR list. BTW, I love your post on Amazon about the word "partner".