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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sept and Oct reads (yes, I'm a month behind!!)


The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff 3* two stories about polygamy, one from the 1800’s and one today. It’s labeled a mystery but I don’t really see it as one.

The Condition by Jennifer Haigh 3* the story of a family who has to live with their daughter’s/sister’s “condition”. Everyone is flawed. It was just okay. I didn’t really care about any of the characters and the ending was predictable.

Plague of Doves by Louise Erdrich DNF I wanted to like this story after all the rave reviews I read, but I just couldn’t get into it. Too many stories told from too many perspectives. I gave up halfway through.

The Lavender Hour by Anne Leclair 3* a cancer survivor becomes a hospice volunteer where no one knows she once had cancer. She has strong feelings for her patient which leads to a bad ending of course…..

How to be Good by Nick Hornby 3* a doctor’s husband falls under the spell of a “healer” and decides to “be good” which includes giving away their money, having homeless people live with them, etc.

The Book of Joe by Jonathan Tropper 4* a man returns to his hometown when his father has a heart attack. He is hated by most of the townspeople because of a tell-all book he wrote.

Summer Sisters by Judy Blume 4* The story of 2 “summer sisters” over a 10 year period. One of those books you can’t put down until you are done. She has a way of making you feel the characters.

Leaving Cold Sassy by Olive Ann Burns 3* the continuing story of Cold Sassy, only the author died while writing it and they didn’t finish her story. The story itself was great, but I was disappointed it just ended in the middle of the story and the editor just gave a biography of the author’s life.


Lost and Found by Jacqueline Sheehan 3* a woman’s husband dies and she moves to a remote island in Maine to get away from everything. She adopts a dog that teaches her to love again.

The Starter Wife by Gigi Levangie Grazer 4* fluff yes, but entertaining Hollywood fluff! Gracie is left by her husband of almost 10 years (10 years being the magic number in pre-nupts) for a way younger woman. She tries to get her life back on track as she stays at a friend’s beach house in Malibu for the summer.

Bufflehead Sisters by Patricia J. Delois 4.5 the story of 2 friends starting at age 5. Janet has always wanted a sister and Sophie fit’s the bill. Janet has a stable and loving home life, while Sophie has an unstable mother and an absent father. The story follows them through childhood and into adulthood. I couldn’t put the book down and read it within 24 hours, even though I had an idea what was going to happen, I needed to know the how and why and where’s!

Lemon Jelly Cake by Madeline Smith 3* historical fiction set in a small town in 1900. Basically small town life seen through the eyes of the town doctor’s daughter.

Everything Changes by Jonathan Tropper 3.5* Zack's life starts to unravel when his missing dad shows up. He starts questioning his job, his fiancee, and basically all aspects of his life. His best friend died 2 years ago and his feelings for the widow don't help. There are laugh out loud parts and sad parts.

Address Unknown by Kathrine Kressmann Taylor 4* a Jewish man’s friendship and business partnership goes downhill when his friend goes back to Germany in 1933. Told in a series of letters between the 2 men.

Under the Sabers, The Unwritten Code of Army Wives by Tanya Biank 4* interesting look into the lives of Army Wives. I bought the book because it said the show Army Wives was based on it. I can see some of the characters from the show in the book. The book was more about the murder/suicides at Fort Bragg though. I would have liked a more in depth look into more army wives and to hear THEIR stories more. That being said, it was still a very good book, just not what I was expecting.

The Welsh Girl by Peter Ho Davies 3* a small Welsh town is home to a German POW camp, which of course causes upheaval among the locals

Goldengrove by Francine Prose 3* a teenage girl feels responsible for her older sister’s death and begins an unhealthy relationship with her deceased sister’s boyfriend.

Elleander Morning by Jerry Yulsman 3.5* an odd time travel book that explains nothing about HOW it happened…..interesting story though, a bit confusing in parts. It’s the parallel story of how the world would be if WWII had never happened.

Calligraphy of the Witch by Alicia Gaspar de Alba 3.5* a story about a woman captured by pirates and brought to Boston around the time of the Salem witch trials. She is considered evil because she speaks a foreign language and is Catholic. Great representation of the hysteria of the times. A little predictable though.

Tethered by Amy MacKinnon 3* a mortician is involved in an unsolved murder of a young unidentified girl. The story was predictable and I figured out halfway through who it was.

Helpless by Barbara Gowdy 3* a man kidnaps a little girl that he tells himself is being abused. He’s a pedophile but trying to convince himself he’s not. As the mother of a 10 yr old girl it was hard to have sympathy for him, which is what the book tries to do. Sad sad book all around. You feel bad for the little girl, her mother, for the kidnapper’s girlfriend, for the mother’s landlord (who the police think are involved).

Thank You for All Things by Sandra Kring 3* a woman and her twins go to her childhood home because her father is dying. Too many secrets, too contrived. Not her best….

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